UCI Track World Champs

So we were lucky enough to acquire some tickets for the track world champs at the Lee Valley Velopark in Stratford. Having not yet visited the Olympic park I was eager to see what the venue had in store.

Significantly more than a stones throw from the centre, the dreary olympic park outside Westfield was mostly boarded off for building works.

None the less we had a quick wander about before joining the crowd heading into the venue. As an architect it’s an incredible structure, put together in a very short space of time the engineering and design involved look both sleek and effortless.

Waiting by the door so that the heat didn’t escape the velodrome I was wondering to myself just why they didn’t have a revolving door? It’s not like that’s what they’re designed for or anything… none the less eventually we got in and the atmosphere was electric! The queue for the bar quickly filled and the kids in the room went straight to the pancake and baked goods stand, the people running this show knew exactly who their target audience is.

Finally we took up our seats and sat back to watch the action.

#betheroar – the crowd absolutely coming to life race to race especially for any GB riders really made the experience that much better. It was a fantastic place to be. Watching the watts involved for everyone shooting round the track at unbelievable speeds reminded me just why I love cycling. The only issue I found is that the human eye can’t pick up who won! I found myself watching the finish line and then instinctively checking the screen as we had no idea who crossed the line first!

A luxury we take for granted on the comfort of the sofa, however I’d much prefer to be there in real life, an opportunity I’d take again in an instant! We were only out of Bath 10 hours, and it was a great day out.

I’d 100% reccomend it.

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