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Trying Trail Running 

“Jack you should definitely try trail running” I’ve heard it said numerous times. If I’m honest I don’t really see the appeal, wearing twice as much kit, slipping and sliding everywhere to run some slow miles. Nobody ever got a kick from something they did badly! I can see the appeal, low impact miles, gentle for the knees and a more relaxed version of training.

img_1510My bathroom window view

Looking out the window, it seemed a nice day. So I slipped on my running shoes, opened my mind and set out onto the bath skyline.

And my oh my was I surprised.


Running through open fields, woods and up and down muddy trails made me feel 12 again. Granted I was slow and granted my kit is going to take 3 washes to get out the 5kg of mud I picked up, but I had all kinds of fun!

And let’s not forget, miles are miles, and miles make champions.

Running through the wilderness experiencing untouched nature first hand as intended absolutely took my breath away. A crisp but clear 2 degrees in Bath saw the countryside open up in ways I’ve never seen! And before I knew it I was 10k down and still rearing to go.

The university campus is surrounded by a vast array of fields, trails and tracks perfect to lose yourself for a quick 20 minutes to an easy 2 hours! As soon as the washing machine has my kit sparkly and new ill be back for more!

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