Too Pro to Say Hello.

Let’s just get ourselves started by saying you’re never too pro, to say hello. It’s just not a status that can be achieved. Nobody was born pro, nobody woke up one morning and was suddenly worlds best. Everybody has to work hard to get there.

In the world of cycling there are many different forms, road cycling, time trialling, mountain biking, a Sunday family ride, a quick mooch on the hybrid.

What separates the different kinds?

Not a lot really!

They like riding a bike, you like riding a bike. So why aren’t we all just being friends? Maybe it’s the north shining through, whereby anyone you encounter from commuter, mountain biker, road racer, they’ll all share a smile or a wave. Stop to say hi if needs be.

Strangers chat on trains, say hi on buses. Can you imagine talking to the person opposite you on the tube? They’d look at you like you shot their sister. Why are you talking to them, you’re not their friend. You don’t know them.
But do you need to? I’ve cycled past the odd pro in my time, obviously going different ways, and one thing is the same, they all acknowledge you. Whether it be a smile, nodd, wave, hello. They’re humble and know you exist.

So who are these people that are a cut above the rest?

Surely ignoring else returning a greeting is just basic common manners. You wouldn’t turn down a handshake because you for some unknown reason thought someone was beneath you.

I can understand if you’re time trialling, head down, work on, suck up, tuck up and shut up. I know the drill, but even our chaingang manage a little wave!

So next time you’re out for a run, ride, or something similar. Lift your head sligtly, say hi to the cyclist opposite or passing you.

You never know who you might meet!

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