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There will always be losers…

Last month, feminists, liberals and anyone with too much time on their hands took to Twitter, the platform that allows them to dump their thoughts on the world, to praise Mattel for their decision to make different shapes for Barbie.





“Wow, all young girls can now be comfortable in their own skin”

“This is amazing. I’ve regained faith in humanity”

“About time!”


This is the same as when your friend (who is busy training for the Bath Half) is 1. Worried about finishing and 2. Is aiming for sub 2hrs 30mins- blaming some stupid injury they’ve never worked hard enough to get. For some reason, our society doesn’t champion winners. It comforts losers.


There will always be losers. Don’t kid yourself.


Some kids are better at Maths than you, most can run faster than you and a shed load will earn more in one year than you will in a lifetime. Blaming the body you were born with for your attitude is not ok.

As Gordon Gekko once said to Charlie Sheen: “It’s not a question of enough pal. It’s a zero-sum game. Somebody wins, somebody loses.” Don’t be the loser.

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