Team Time Trialling

Another trip to Wales saw yet another strong race for me.

The first time to lay down some real power on the canyon, and goodness me it didn’t disappoint.

Slippery is an understatement.

An immature approach to the start line saw me quivering at the sight of the other teams with their disc wheels and shiny skin suits on the start line.

Team Botrill purring past in a beautifully unified fashion.

None the less being 20 years younger and less experienced than anyone else on the team, they assured me we’d be ok.

So I went through my usual warm up. I was nervous, anxious to go. A good feeling.

My legs felt good, I’d done 1800km in the two weeks prior so I was slightly fatigued but the rest day previously had freshened them up nicely.

We went out quite steady, 25 miles was a distance I’d never raced before, so I was anxious to reserve myself slightly to not burn out.

And we built and built and built. It soon became apparent that the boys were struggling and my caffeine induced friendzy had kept me in the green.

So I took longer turns on the front, struggling to keep a pace sustainable by the back rider.

Three times my over excited legs dropped them off the back, a position that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Despite my inexperienced pacing we pushed on. Steve struggling to hold my wheel, Darren his, and Laurence gone.

I knew there wouldn’t be much help in the last 6 miles so I gritted my teeth, put my head down and let my legs take care of business.

With nothing left in the tank to sprint Darren smoothly whirred across the line, putting us firmly in third place by 1 second.

49:34. Not bad for a first effort!

There’s more to come.

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