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Long Distance World Championships – Lets play Triathlon.

Sunday 27th August, a date marked in my calendar for exactly a year and it’s come round really fast.

I’ve not had the build up I wanted, far from it. But we’re past that now, & you can’t influence the past.

My bike is racked, my kit bags are packed, my training is done and I’m sat in the AirBnB with my feet up.

By the time you read this I’ll be in bed, attempting to sleep, anticipating what’s going to happen to me tomorrow.

The race starts at 6:35 in Penticton. So that’s 2:35 in the UK. Or 3:35 if you’re swanning around in Europe.

You should be able to find tracking links online. But google will be able to help you with that, isn’t it a great bit of software.

I’m number 5012 which will make me easier to find!

The game plan is go hard. I’ve not flown to Canada to splash around, have a pretty bike ride & then have a 30km walking picnic.
I can train in the UK, the world championships is very much a race.

I’m here to see what my body can do, see how far I can push it, and see just how much heat I can handle.

I could list my niggles & injuries all day, knees, feet, hips…. but I’m now at the stage where I’ve just put them to the back of my mind, & we’ll play what’s in front of me.

If I feel like I’m putting my Kona chances at risk I’ll stop, otherwise I’m going to be flat out, for as long as my body will let me.

A good race would be a 1 hour swim, a 3:10 bike and somewhere around 2:30 for the run.

Races never go to plan, but no matter what happens, I’ll have given it everything I can, no matter how far I get.

See you on the other side.

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  1. Rob Waghorn
    Rob Waghorn says:

    Go for it Jack, you can only do the best your body will allow after this year’s problems. Don’t muck up your Kona chances though. Good luck young man!!


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