Long Distance World Championship 2018

Tomorrow sees the first of my two ‘A’ races this season. All the prep, all the long sessions, early starts, missed social events – all focussed in on these two events.

It’s a very strange feeling when you’re this close to an event that has been through your mind multiple times a day for the best part of 9 months. I’ve played scenarios over and over and over in my head of how the race could pan out.

The reality is it’ll probably unfold completely different to every single one of them!


As always – this is where I owe a huge shoutout to everyone that has worked tirelessly to get me here.

The people behind the scenes that keep my bike, brain, body and bank account in one piece – despite my best efforts to break them. It’s been a bumpy road but provided I don’t do anything stupid in the next 3 days, we made it…

I’m currently enjoying a nice taper. Good food, sharp sessions, lots of rest. As are the majority of the athletes that will be toeing the start line Saturday morning.

You can track the race – there’s a live tracker somewhere on or Sportstiming – click here for the latter. And there’s also a TV link somewhere though it’ll be following the pro race. I’m number 5040 – so you can go from there 🙂

So the big question that everyone keeps asking – how do you feel? How you gonna do?

Well your guess is as good as mine. With two big prep races this year I was confident that I would come into this race knowing how I’d perform, how my racing legs were holding up after a long winter.

But considering I didn’t start one, and didn’t finish the other, it’s a bit of a black hole!

The Swim:

The absolute worst part of any triathlon for me. I just don’t enjoy it. Although that being said – I’m super confident in the gains we’ve made this winter. It’s an area of my race that I’ve worked really really hard on, and while on a good day I could still come out 10 minutes down on the top guys in the age group – it’s nothing on last years 20.

The Bike:

As usual – the bike will without doubt be the strongest part of my race. This is where I hope to put the most time back into the field! I’ve had a few issues recently with mechanicals & obviously the crash – so I’m hoping for a good hard consistent bike. I’ve lost a little bit of confidence in the bike itself after the numerous mechanicals. But the legs feel ok and the numbers have been good. I’ve been moving well at the local TT’s and if the wind picks up I’ll certainly have a smile on my face. I know I’m capable of some good numbers here so if can get round without having to stop for some reason – I’m definitely confident I can get myself back into the mix!

The Run: 

Obviously having 6 weeks no running was not ideal prep for a world championship. I’m only slightly off where I was but I’m starting to move really well again. It was only a couple of months ago that I had a tough day at Manchester and still came round with a 2:42:29. Although I know athletes like Josh Holman are capable of running 5 even 10 minutes back into me on a good day, but if I can find a nice rhythm and my legs hold themselves together – I can certainly give a lot of people a run for their money! Excuse the pun.

I’m hoping for a good, uneventful race. Do what I know I’m capable of, and what I travelled out here to do. I can’t ask any more from myself than to get round in one piece, leaving it all on the course.

Nobody wants to lose cause of a bad day, and nobody wants to win at someone else’s expense. So I hope everyone has a good one, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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