ITU World Championships – Believe the Dream.

World Championships.

452A6309Just the name demands respect. The pinnacle of any sport, the best in the world, in one place, head to head.

I’ve just finished off yet another “training block”, though it doesn’t really feel like it ever got started. 

If you’ve been following me closely, all 3 of you will know that I’ve had it really rough since Africa. A fever, a cold, a back injury that has only just lifted. I’ve been really battling to do the smallest amount of training.

452A6330-2I feel like I’ve taken a huge step backwards in my development and fitness, my confidence has had a huge knock and I’m just not ready. 

2 big races, 2 poor performances. 

It would be naive to think that I’ll turn up at the world championship, and just race well. The worst prep, average fitness, fast boys.

Yet I find myself incredibly hopeful. With a strange mentality.

A bike that fits. Legs that aren’t broken. And a somewhat teenage attitude, that I can take on the world. And who’s gonna stop me?

452A6441And trust me, I have no doubt that somebody will. Somebody more suited to the  terrain, the conditions, the distance. But I’m going to race fearlessly. And yet again, leave it absolutely all out there, until my body just can’t take any more.

The body should remember the hard miles in winter, the long sessions, the relentless training.

I was asked by an interviewer recently, why do you do it? What gets you up in the morning? What motivates you?

And I won’t lie, I found it really really difficult to answer. 

452A6352But now, I think I know.

I’m absolutely terrified, of being ordinary. Average. Normal. The same as everybody else. 

Conforming to day to day life and not reaching my absolute potential scares me. Whatever that potential may be. 

And that’s crazy. Most people have to be average, that’s how statistics work. But i was brought up in the millennial generation, the generation that are born full of hope. 

“You can be whatever you want to be”. 

“you can do whatever you want to do”.

452A6407I often find myself preaching the same message to the next generation. Primary school, high schools, youth groups… every time I give a talk – I tell them to believe in themselves. Follow their dreams & don’t let anyone hold them back.

And when I look around the room, I see myself 10, 15, 20 years ago. No different to any of the people say in front of me.

I may never PB in a race again. That’s not impossible, bad things happen to good people. I may have already reached the limit of what I’m capable of. Which I sort of know is not true, as I’ve performed better in training than I have in racing. 

452A6457Though, if I don’t pursue perfection, and if I don’t try, how will I ever know? 

I’m no different. I am ordinary, average, normal. But normal people can do exceptional things. I actually believe that. 

It takes time, patience, hard work. Failure, setback, loss. But over time, the dream prevails.

I’m tired of putting out average performances. So yet again I’ll be on the start line. Ready to leave it all on the course, and hoping for that little glimmer of magic!

Because if not now, when? 


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