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Ironman New Zealand – Important Information

All set here for tomorrow’s race. Despite the set backs over the past fortnight. I’ve had lost bikes, valve extenders stuck in rims, ripped tires, cut up feet & the obvious sunburn. But I think I’m finally out the other side. 

By the time you read this it’ll be Fri-yay at home and I’ll hopefully be fast asleep. My bike will be in transition, my bags packed and everything set to go.

Here on the otherside of the world, 10,000 miles from home, 13 hours ahead, my race will start at 7am. That’s 6pm Friday evening for all of you in the U.K. 

The race can be tracked on this link:

If it doesn’t work then try this one:

But there is a tracker out there, and it shouldn’t be hard to find! 

My start number is 401. Keep your eye out.

A good race would see me finish before 3:30am GMT, that’s a 9:30 race time for me, so watch that screen after your rowdy Friday night. 

The 18-24 bike course record is 4:52:57. 

It’s on my mind, so it may as well be on yours! 

If I finish with a time of over 9:45. “Well done” or “good job” probably aren’t the terms I’m looking for, it’s a good job it’ll be after the watershed. 

But let’s not forget, nothing great ever came from a comfort zone.

And bad days do happen! It can’t always go the way you want, this is just the beginning.

See you on the other side. 

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