Ironman Barcelona #214 – A game plan

The time of year has come around again – the A race. The pinnacle of the year. 11 months hard training, comes down to one single day.

452A0299I’ve struggled this weekend with a bit of a harsh cold from taking on too much the past week or two, but I’m sure I’ll have shaken that off in no time.  

For those of you looking to track me, download the Ironman app and tap in number 214. That’s where the magic will happen.

Last year, it was a bit of a shambles. It’s no secret that Kona boiled down to one of the worst races of my life. But there and then I promised myself I would be better. I promised myself I’d never put myself or the people around me through that again.

So shortly after, I signed up for Ironman Barcelona. 

20x30-CAAM0917Every single day since I crossed that finish line in Hawaii 12 months ago, this race has gone through my mind. 

I decided just before Christmas in 2017, that I was going to go sub 9 hours for the first time. 

Yes, I’m very aware that hasn’t happened yet, and we’re still a few days out from the race. The season has been full of ups and downs. The lows have been very low, but the highs have been phenomenal. 

20x30-CAAN0053 20x30-CAAS0060This season I’ve gone from strength to strength, and really raced myself into form.

Changing, adapting and improving every race. We’ve ironed out nutrition, running and the bike, into a very dangerous combination.

For me 2018 was all about making myself fast. Plunged into a very competitive age group – I couldn’t expect to immediately jump to the top. And we’ve achieved that. I’m really happy with where we’ve got to, and I want to show case that this weekend.

It’s no secret that i want to go to Kona in 2019, and I’d quite like to get my spot in Barcelona. But if it doesn’t happen, that’s fine. I don’t really care.


Because all I can offer, is my best.

20x30-CAAQ0841And make no mistake, I’m absolutely in the form of my life. Over the past 11 months we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure of that.

This season I’ve crashed out of races, pulled out of them before they’ve started, messed them up half way round. And if that happens in Barcelona – so be it. 

We all know I’ll probably come out of the swim 15/20 minutes down on the leader. 

But then you better keep half an eye open – cause I’m gonna be coming. 


My goals are to swim a PB. 

20x30-CAAN0054To ride a power & speed PB. 

To run a sub 3 hour marathon.

The finish sub 9 hours.

No matter what happens – if I tick these boxes, it’ll be job done – a happy boy. And all of these are very achievable on current form. 

This season has been a roaring success for me. We set out to learn to run, and since then I’ve broken my 10k, half and full marathon PB.

Broken my half Ironman PB.

Broken my Ironman PB.

I’ve finished top 10 overall at an Ironman. Run a 1:20:14 half marathon off the bike. Finished in the top 5 bike splits numerous times. And knocked another 10 minutes off my swim time. 

So if Barcelona all falls apart, I’ll finish with a smile on my face, and fire in my belly for next season.

And if it doesn’t, watch this space. 

Cause my legs are lining up nothing short of something special. 


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  1. TPS
    TPS says:

    Yehhhhhhhhhh budday!! all day – will be watching and cheering online. Go big – cant wait to see the results come in. Excited for you


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