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Injury and Rest – the dreaded rehab

Injury is every athletes worst nightmare, 4 months into an Achilles injury with at least 2 months to go until full fitness I find myself struggling to cope with so much time away from sport.

A constant too and fro with starting training and stopping again, constant physio therapy and lots of ice, how long does it take to really shift an injury?

A heads up from the physio only to find ourselves back at square one after the third week of a rebuild phase.

it’s a tough game


I mean if I was fully deabilhitated like David Moore suffering a brutal shoulder dislocation. Rumour has it he was wrestling a bear, however I believe it was more likely in the middle of one of his very heavy workout sets. Straight in for an operation a few days later and bed bound since. This is the kind of serious injury that I could understand such a set back. Although I’m sure with such an admirable mindset he’ll bounce back very soon.


The man himself!

It’s often said that if we didn’t train each time we had a niggle we’d never get any training done at all. It’s this resilient mindset that creates the base of successful athletes. The craving for success and the dopamine surge from attaining it.

I’m not talking about being the best or winning, I’m talking about a perseverance to improve. There’s no substitute for the hard work athletes put in, but just when is it time to stop?

Listening to your body is a fundamental lesson every sportsman goes through, but where is the line drawn between uncomfortable and painful.

Anyone coming back from injury will notice a decrease in strength for a short period especially in the injured area, but does this mean no training should be completed?


The dreaded view

I think managing any injury is always tough but sessions should be completed pain free. Coming back too slow is better than too soon meaning you’re not back at all.

A very useful tip when coming back is to remember you’re not always testing for pain that day. Pain can come up to 48 hours post exercise. So just because you feel fresh don’t push too hard.

I know it’s tough missing races, seeing opponents making easy wins. But even the best athletes recover from injury to come back fitter and stronger than ever.


The perfect set up!

In the mean time, rest, recover, stretch and roll. Get your long overdue chores done until you can manage some form of substitute exercise.

And remember, you will be back!

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