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Cycling – free transport? 

I constantly find myself making promises to visit friends in remote parts of the country that I sometimes really struggle to keep.

I mean don’t get my wrong, I’d love to visit all of them! But for up to £70 a train, huge bags and 3 hours of hopping on and off, not to mention the rush to fit in a morning session. I’ll pass thanks.

However if it’s within cycling distance, well that’s a different story.

Granted everyone has different achievable distances. In the summer I rode 240km home without a struggle, today id struggle to ride 24km without needing a break. But if the party is within your distance it should seriously be considered.

It was only in summer that I found myself stuck in Bath while one of my best friends had his 21st planned in Northampton. Well, £50 train tickets or 160km each way is a tricky decision.

But none the less, I neatly folded my tuxedo into my rucksack, made sure I had all the vital accessories, last check for a toothbrush and off I went!

Yes I had to ride with a bit of food, £2 for a couple of belvitas, and yes it was a 5 hour shift in the chair, but to save £48?! Riding back off 2 hours sleep and a hangover wasn’t the prettiest day of my life, but it’s all in your head right?

Most people that want you at a party are happy to let you use their shower. They’ll usually even let you borrow a towel! How nice of them eh.

Nobody expects you to sit through the party in your sweaty cycling kit, nor carry 3 days provisions on your bike. But reducing carbon emissions, saving money and keeping fit. Can’t go wrong!

So next time you’re thinking its a nice a day and rushing around trying to get yourself sorted. Pack a small bag or rucksack, even give your clothes to friends to take. And get out and enjoy the ride! You’ll feel much better for it when you arrive I promise. And you’ll have earned that beer!

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