2016: time to reflect 


Check your watch and you’ll miss it.

Well where did that even go?! Gone in a heartbeat I’m sure 2017 will be the same.

Is it just me that feels like time moves faster the older we get?

Well lots has happened this year, two of my best friends have got engaged, and not to each other.

We graduated, somehow all got degrees. Few races here and there, a vicious amount of miles, and into the big wide world.

19,529km cycling.

988km running.

232,212m swimming.

And a few gym sesh warms.

Curls get the girls right?

Hamstring curls obviously.

Considering this time last year there was talk of scratching from euros to focus on my degree as I hobbled round the architecture building, I managed to pull it out of the bag.

Let’s start with the degree. Despite returning to training in march, just under 3 months before we finished, i managed to get my head down and pull some work out.

Sessions 6 days a week, studio for up to 15 hours a day, sleep was limited.

After getting the degree out of the way, 2:1 in the bag, it was straight to the drawing board for the summer season.

How do you prepare for a stacked summer of racing with average fitness and a running ban.


And miles.

And more miles.

We had to think, what am I good at? Cycling.

So what am I gonna do?



Up to 1,000km a week in the chair, with high quality sessions coming from the time trials my legs were starting to pick up some form.

And that’s when i got the weapon.
From strength to strength on the canyon, I knew my cycling form was strong. With only 3 weeks of running before euros I knew I wasn’t going to be catching anyone up on the marathon, so I’d have to set the bike alight.

And that’s exactly what I did.

A comfortable 4:46 cycle brought home a silver medal.

But it just wasn’t enough.

I mean, yes, that’s a quick bike leg. People can try for years and never go sub 5. But it was a weak swim and a very poor marathon.

Moving on to set two club records for Bath Cycling club, my summer was only heading one way.

500km, 600km, 550km. Miles in. Second, first, second, third. Results in.

But my swimming & running just weren’t in the same room.

Now in January, if you had offered me a bronze medal at worlds. I’d have laughed in your face, and told you that would be a dream end to the season.

Which it was.

But it was so bitter sweet.

Take away the medal, and the bike. And I was poor to average.

So what for next year?

Another sequence of injury already holding back my running form, it doesn’t make for a promising start to the year. Along with some added Christmas weight to shift.

But the miles are getting done, especially in the pool. And fingers crossed for a spell of injury free training.

Because looking at my training peaks account, if I can get my running fitness back to normal. Next year could be a lot of fun!

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